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Bringing you the best in the business, for all your cleaning needs

Infection control starts with adherence to principles. Our team have been developing and manufacturing new technologies to improve performance and sustainability.

2San's full range covers hand washing, surface cleaning and sanitisation and air purification.


We offer an extensive range of Sanitising Products  to help fight against and prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Sterilisation Consumables

2San has a heritage in manufacturing cleaning solutions since 1980 bringing a comprehensive range of cleaning, sanitising & skincare products to our clients globally. UK manufactured, certified, consistent quality, world-class products that deliver superior performance results. 2San consumables are dispensed by 2San equipment which ensures extended equipment lifespan.

Machines & Equipment

2San is a single-source provider of innovative cleaning equipment. With global manufacturing partnerships established over 40 years, we guarantee our clients increased productivity & OH&S, reduced downtime and better cleaning. We partner with our clients globally to ensure the right equipment and consumables are specified to achieve ultimate results.

Spare Parts & Accessories

2San accessories ensure that our consumable and equipment solutions are able to function for every cleaning task, on every surface in every market sector; even in the most extreme cleaning environments! Inclusive of a comprehensive range of spare parts for aftersales peace of mind. Partner with 2San for better care, better life.